Handmade Jewelry, Gemstone Necklaces, Gemstone Bracelets, Gemstone Earrings, jewelry handmade in the USA.


Handmade gemstone jewelry designed using real gemstone, ruby, sapphire, amethyst, garnet, pearl... Choose substantial one of a kind jewelry handmade using agates, shell and jade. Bib style necklaces, chunky gemstone bracelets or gemstone earrings. The birthstone jewelry sometimes incorporates genuine swarovski crystal to represent the birthstone color.

If you prefer a more petite, or simple style that can take you effortlessly from the office to dinner, take a look at at our minimalist, gemstone necklaces, eternity necklaces, infinity necklaces and other handmade jewelry in 14kt gold or Sterling Silver. Whatever you choose, it will be a special gift to be treasured.

Handmade Gemstone Jewelry, Sapphire for September babies

Please be aware that gemstones and pearls are frequently treated to enhance their natural beauty. Further information on gemstone care and cleaning can be found here. All items are handcrafted in the USA.

Your beautiful gift will be delvered gift boxed and ribbon wrapped, complimentary of course.

Do feel free to contact us with any questions.

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April Birthstone - Diamond

Engagement Ring Trends

Are you getting engaged? Check out this article from In Style magazine, they have a list of non-traditional gemstone engagement rings chosen by famous stars, most of which are diamonds of course, but some were not (Fergie, Angelina Jolie, Kate Middleton, Halle Berry)

Learn about gemstones and jewelry, Birthstones, Phenomenal Gems, Famous Diamonds, Gemstone Folklore, Chakra Stones, Zodiac Signs.....

Benitoite - faceted gemstone
Benitoite - faceted gemstone

Benitoite - State Gemstone for California

Benitoite, a very rare gemstone found only in San Benito County, California, USA. Above Benitoite rough, and below the faceted gemstone.

Gachala Emerald, one of the largest Emeralds in the world
Gachala Emerald, one of the largest Emeralds in the world
Quartz Crystal from Hot Springs, Arkansas, now in Houston Museum of Natural Science
Quartz Crystal from Hot Springs, Arkansas, now in Houston Museum of Natural Science
About Gemstones - fascinating facts about your favorite stones, folklore, magic and myth, medicinal, special properties.  Tokens of love, luck, friendship and prosperity have been given in the form of gemstones and crystals for hundreds of years.

* Birthstones and Crystals
Birthstones, birthstone jewelry and birthstone flowers, find yours here. Find beautiful handmade jewelry in individual styles, finished in sterling silver and 14kt gold fill. Including vintage style Lucite Flower Jewelry finished in bronze.  Find yours and your families birthstones using the Modern birthstone chart, plus other facts, history, and folklore surrounding birthstones (also see individual gemstone pages aquamarine, garnet, topaz, citrine, pearls, peridot, and emeralds to name a few, or view the Site Map for a full index of site)
* Color Change Gemstones
Phenomenal Gems a truly phenomenal gem...what are they? When worn in necklaces, bracelets or other items they can change color when you go from natural light to artificial light. Also in this group are stones displaying Asterism and Chatoyancy showing different optical effects.

Birthstones, Horoscopes, Gemstone myth and magic


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